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Pearl Art Group, INC. Presents the annual International Movement Festival of Arts - Contest "Pearl Festival International".  

The Pearl of New York and The Pearl of Philadelphia gathers talented and professional performers from all over the world to participate in a high-level vocal competition. It is intended to be a permanent evenst, the main aim of the which is the popularization and promotion of children’s and youth's art, strengthening friendly relations and supporting creative contacts between the youth from different countries, as well as familiarizing children of different nationalities and giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and specifics of their national culture. Also, the festival is held as a creative meeting of managers and specialists to exchange experiences and establish business and creative relationships.

Pearl Art Group is pleased to host the 5th Annual International Festival of Arts – Competition and young artists' art exhibition “Pearl of Philadelphia 2020” on October 26– 31, 2020 in Philadelphia. Every year the festival brings together talented children and young artists from many countries. They are given unique opportunity to gain experience, build up self-confidence, improve their performance and as a result, grow as musicians and entertainers. We made way for them to perform on the international big stages and gain international visibility. Many of them are Grand Prize winners and 1st Prize Winners.


The 4th Annual International Festival of Arts – Contest and young artists art exhibition The Pearl of New York’s mission is to bring together children and youth of different cultures, traditions, and music and give them opportunity to show their talents, to give them experience, to pave their road to bigger competitions, or just, to make them great childhood memories; to foster communication and fellowship, fight discrimination and other selection policies which are used to unfairly restrict minority representatives to gain full access to the road to success, through all available means, to inform about talented youth to the world which may otherwise go unnoticed.

Besides, we are promoting young artists startup organizations and we are giving them a chance to be internationally visible.

We want to mention that we are official representatives and exclusive right holders to hold the national selection contests for Slavianski Bazaar, Riga Symphony, Sanremo Junior in the USA.

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