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The purpose of the international festival of Arts - Contest "Pearl Festival International" is to organize a professional vocal contest at a high level. It is intended to be a permanent event, the main aim of the which is the popularization and promotion of children’s and youths' art and performing arts, strengthening friendly relations and supporting creative contacts between the youth from different countries, as well as familiarizing children of different nationalities and giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and specifics of their national culture in the world capital city with contestants from more than 15 countries: the USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Armenia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia and others!

Pearl Festival International Competition is designed for everyone who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment and it is a movement festival, which changes states and locations.


You can read the regulations of the festival here.


I. up to 7 years old

II. from 8 to 11 years old

III. from 12 to 14 years old

IV. from 15  to 17 years old

V. from 18 to 25 years old

Vi. above 26 years old



I. World Hit - Pop and Jazz Music

II. Academic Vocal

III. Folklore and folk Song

IV. Author's and Original Song

V. Broadway Musical Song

VI. Choral and ensemble music

Vocal Contest requirements

 Participants provide one diverse work. Total duration not more than 3 min.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Vocal;

  • Matching repertoire with age possibilities and age group of performers;

  • Mastery of performance (clarity of intonation and sound quality);

  • Theatrical effectiveness (plastic, performance culture, props);

  • Musicality, artistic interpretation of musical composition;

  • Disclosure of the artistic image.

Technical requirements


  • Each contestant can perform only one song in one nomination and is required to have an instrumental on a separate CD/USB drive (in Audio format) and also send it to the e-mail:

  • Soloists are allowed to have pre-recorded backing vocals, and the chorus is allowed to have the lead melodic line, but only when improvising. Instrumental tracks with pre-recorded lead vocals in verses or doubled throughout the choruses will not be accepted and the contestant will be disqualified.

  • The duration of the vocal contest performance must not exceed 3:00 min. If you exceed the time limit the song will be cut by our engineers. 


    MUST BE NOTED – Failure to comply with these requirements will result in immediate disqualification of the conte



The performances of all groups and soloists are viewed by professional specialists, honored cultural workers, artists, famous musicians, producers from the countries-contestants of the festival.

            Evaluation will be held on a 10-point scale. The decision of the jury on the distribution of prizes and the Grand Prix is confirmed by the protocols and the number of points scored by each contestant. The jury is entitled not to award the Grand Prix in the absence of the required number of points.

 The decision of the jury is not discussed and not subject to revision.


The Grand Prix will be awarded to the winner in each age group in both contests. Only the Grand Prix winners in each category and participants with jury decision of the festival will take part in a final charity gala concert.

  • Main Award - an invitation to International Music festival in Europe: "Riga Symphony 2020" "Rising Stars International Festival 2020"

  • Grand Prix - prize, diploma, memorable presents

  • place - a medal, a diploma, memorable presents

  • II place - a medal, a diploma, memorable presents

  • III place - a medal, a diploma, memorable presents

  •  For the jury - the diplomas, certificates and memorable presents

  • Participants - certificates, diplomas and memorable presents

  • ▪ Audience Sympathy Award

  • Special Jury Prize

  • Prize to the youngest performer

  • Sponsors Prizes 

  • Cash Prize


    The cost per person (regardless of the contestant or accompanying person) – $ 2600.00


    The fee includes:

  • Accommodation Hotel within the time frame of the international festival March 26-31, 2020                     

  • Breakfast

  • Sightseeing tours to the most memorable places around Philadelphia (for a small extra cost);

  • Transportation 

  • Photography 

  • Videography (making the contestant's video clip costs extra money)

  • Registration Fee

The fee for participation in each category:

Additional  Registration fee: $ 170 (Non-refundable) pay by July 07, 2019.


Participation in the festival will be guaranteed in case of an obligatory advance payment of 30% of the total amount before July 15, 2019.

After transferring the sum, the participant should send us an email with a scanned copy of the bank document in which the participant's name and the name of the festival "Pearl of New York” should be mentioned. The rest of the sum should be sent to the bank account not later than August 16, 2019.


Attention: Deposit of 30% of the total sum, guaranteeing your rooms in the hotel are non-refundable in case the participant does not arrive at the festival for reasons beyond the organizers' competence.

(to refund the money, fill our refund application form . for the application form contact to the Organizing committee at E-mail:  the refund takes from 30 days to 50 days)

      The participation fee is $300 (New York)


Fee for transfer from JFK Airport to Hotel and back to Airport $ 100 per person;

Each participant (with accompanying person) must be in New York not later than October 24, 2019, The deadline for the departure of each participant (with accompanying person) from the hotel is the morning of October 28, 2020. 11:00 AM.

The Pearl of New York competition consists of 2 parts.

First Part – Submission of applications and listening by the jury until July 7, 2019.

To apply for listening, you need to:

1) fill out the application form on our official website: (if you cannot fill out the questionnaire and attach all the files, contact the Organizing Committee. They will respectfully help you via e-mail:;

3) Send us your video of singing via e-mail: (upload it on the youtube and share link)

3) pay the registration fee of $500 to the Festival. After that, the Organizing Committee and the Admissions Committee will start working with you.

The Commission works online. The commission listens to the contest work submitted by you and gives recommendations on the preparation for the competition.

The second part – Final of the competition on October 27, 2019

Please note the date and time of the first competitive performance – begins on October 26th at The National Opera Center, soundcheck will begin at 4:00 PM on October 26. In addition, on October 27th, at 7:00 PM the Gala concert in Roulette Intermedium, concludes the competition, the winner of the contest will be the Pearl of New York 2019.


Participation in the Pearl of New York is ONLY by invitation, which will be sent if you have passed the selection. The finalists of the competition no later than July 7, 2019, will individually receive from the festival Organizing Committee an official invitation to participate in the finals of the competition in New York, NY (USA).


You do not mind that the above-mentioned pieces, if necessary, will be used for audio and video recordings.

you agree with the policy of terms and conditions of the International Festival of Arts – Contest “Pearl of New York 2019”. Stating that all participants, coaches, and parents must return back to their native countries after the festival is over.


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