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National Selection Contest "Riga Symphny USA 2019"

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

The National Selection Contest

PAG, INC. in partnership with Riga Symphony proudly Presents the National Selection Contest of International vocal and Music Festival “Riga Symphony 2019 USA” in partnership with Riga Symphony in at National Opera Center, Manhattan on June 29th, 6:00 PM. The purpose of the national selection contents “Riga Symphony USA 2019” is to find talented youth performers to represent the USA at the festival in Riga, Latvia.

Grand Prix winner will go to Riga Festival at no cost. The First Prize and the second Prize winner will get the same chance for a 25% discount . Jury Members will choose winners by maximum scores in four criteria. whoever gets maximum points will be Grad Prize Winner and etc.

We would like to mention that we are exclusive right holders to hold the National Selection contest of International Music and Vocal Festival "Riga Symphony" annually each year in June.

You can read the regulations of the festival here.


Julian Scott Varner - Head of the Jury. CEO of On Key Entertainment, Producer, Musical Director, Musician, Artist Development.

Tatiana Disiena - Founder ,,Stardon" - Vocal Studio In partnership with ,,Talent league,, - Music school.

Ilya Solis - US Singer, Songwriter and Pianist.He graduated from the Gnessin State Musical College Vocal teacher of “My way development center”.

Dr. Vago Ohanyan - Principal conductor of Educational Programs, National Chorale Vocal teacher and Principal conductor Professional Performing Arts School New York City

Manana Askurava - Vocal Teacher


I.Performance of Academic vocal song

II. Performance of World Hit song

Age Category

I.From 8 - 12 years

II. From 13 - 15 years

II.From 16-18 years

III.From 19-25 years


Grand Prize winner will go to the festival in Riga for no cost.

1st place winner will go to the festival in Riga for a 50% discount.

2nd place winner will go to the festival in Riga for a 25% discount.

3rd winner will go to the festival in Riga (payment required)

Participants who will pass the national selection contest, they will have chance to participate iat the festival in Riga (Payments required).

Technical requirements:

Each contestant performs one work in one nomination and is obliged to send a phonogram minus no later than 06.27.2019 via e-mail: (A backup version in MP3 format must be carried with you on a memory card.) Soloists are allowed to have recorded backing vocals in the phonogram, as well as it is allowed to have a main voice in refrains, but only if the soloist improvises. The phonogram recorded with the main vocal part in the couplets is to be removed from the competition, and the contestant will be disqualified.

The duration of the contest work should not exceed 3:00 min.

Contact Information: Tel. (917) 733-2425;

(917) 530-3402;

Participant must be citizen of the USA.

(last day of documents submit is July 5, 2019. Participant will be disqualified from the festival, if all necessary documents are not submitted)





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